When Fighting Your Battles...

Feb 12, 2013
For waging war you need guidance,
and for victory many advisers.
Proverbs 24:6

"Life is a warfare. A warfare between two standards. The standard of Christ and the standard of Satan. Definitely in the midst of this warfare, there are armies in between, fighting for their souls to establish the kingdom they are fighting for.

Like A Love Song

Feb 8, 2013

Dear Lord,
my heart's been broken
by someone I thought who's mine

My Lord,
it hurts so much
why do I have to feel this way?

Sing Your Way Through Times of Trouble

But I will sing of your strength,
in the morning I will sing of your love;
for you are my fortress,
my refuge in times of trouble.

In times of stress, when I am in such a difficult situation, when my heart is speechless, I find strength in singing unto the Lord and praising His name and love. As much as we want to be spared from all problems, it's not a very savvy wish. As Bishop Bong Udang says, "Kung mag-ampo ka nga mawala ang imong problema, mura ka ug nag-ampo nga mamatay na ka." (Praying that all your problems be gone is like praying that you will die.) For as long as we live in this world, there will always be problems. God did not promise that we will never have problems, but He promised that we will always have refuge in times of difficulties.

Busting Some Baby Teething Myths

Feb 7, 2013

So baby opened her mouth to put on her toy, you notice a white diamond lying on those thick gums and you realize my, oh my! It's a tooth!

Yes, I noticed, okay it was my mother who saw, the teeny-tiny temporary baby tooth sprouting from Annieka’s firm lower gums. Finally, her first tooth!!! Happy Mommy!

But honestly I was really afraid to hear from the experiences of many the symptoms of baby teething. That is because I’m scared that I might not know what to do, so I informed myself of the facts before my baby actually starts to teeth.

A Declaration

Feb 5, 2013
I just want to extend my heartfelt thank You, my Lord. For bringing me to this situation. I have been silent, distant and gloomy but Lord, these things has to happen to give way to the plan You have for me. Without this dark state of my life, I would not REALIZE that I have such DETERMINATION, that I am STRONGER than I thought and there is always HOPE for me. At this point, You are planting in the deepest part of my heart the PASSION to reach my dreams, and to be a person that I am envisioning myself to be - to shine for YOUR GLORY. This day I declare that I will succeed. I will be braver. I will stand out. All because I have YOU. Your love changed me. And because of that, I will serve You the best I can. I just pray, for the seed You have planted in me, to GROW and GROW like the mustard seed. Expand my territories. And guard my heart from the enemy. I give my life to You.

Magbinisaya Ta Facebook Fanpage

Feb 2, 2013
I have always been fascinated with sharing inspirational photos about God, motherhood, positive thinking and life in general. Yes, you'll see my profile flooded with those posts and deeply appreciate likes, comments and shares by people whom I have reached.

But then one ordinary day, I just had a bright idea.

Post-Partum Depression

I was not able to blog for a veeerrrry loooooong time.. (sad face) I became too busy, by that I meant to decide on NOT to blog for a while. So it went, I was engrossed with OTHER things. When I wake up, I do stuffs for baby and stare face-to-face the computer until past midnight. That's my daily routine for two months.


Devotion October 7, 2011

Jan 28, 2013
A Facebook Message I Found From My Dusty Facebook Message Threads For my Church Mates and Friends.. When I read it, I realized that I made this message almost two years ago for myself - to awaken my sleeping, broken and stone heart.

"No great love ever came without great struggle."

as our love for our TRUELOVE & Savior JESUS, our trials & struggles also increases ..

I Can Hear The Church Bells in May

Jan 27, 2013
I recently got a text message from one of my college best friend. She is getting married in May! I just feel so overwhelmed and teary-eyed that she invited me to be part of this memorable event. After everything that we've been through, from college, to working, to the struggles, to her baby boy, and now - marriage! I just wish Aryan and her new hubby - VannieBanz the BEST of wishes forevermore. Finally celebrating the first part of forever! Praise God!

Morning Devotion

Dec 9, 2012
If you are INSULTED for the NAME OF CHRIST, you are BLESSED, because the SPIRIT of GLORY and of GOD rests upon you. Yet if anyone SUFFERS as a CHRISTIAN, let him NOT be ASHAMED, but let him GLORIFY GOD in that name. —1 Peter 4:12-14, 16

To Share = To Love !

To Share = To Love !